To provide funds that benefit schools, faculty and students
Goals of the
To promote academic excellence in public education
To promote the interest of the community at large by improving the quality of public education
To encourage faculty development and create incentives for effective teaching
To support innovative ideas which enhance learning in and out of the classroom
How We Work
Step 1: School personnel wishing to request funds must seek the approval of the principal.

Step 2: The Principal then submits a request for the board to review suggested use of funds:

Supplementary classroom materials, field trips, motivational speakers and workshops, the development of innovative educational techniques, faculty development and incentives, in-service for staff, student support, principal’s discretionary funds to meet needs of individual children (when meeting the needs of an individual child will further the educational goals of many children).

of Directors

Chris Black, President
Jane Gamble
Kim Ford
Danette Humphrey
Amanda Esper
Julie Harris
Mark Whitlow
Janice Howard, Board of Education Representative
Donald Shively, Superintendent — ex officio
Angela Copeland, Financial Secretary — ex officio
Lisa Chappell, Secretary — ex officio

Contact Us

For more information about the Paducah Public Schools Foundation, please contact Superintendent Dr. Donald Shively or Secretary Lisa Chappell at 270.444.5600

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News & Events

Paducah Innovation Hub

The $26.4 million, two-story Paducah Innovation Hub opened its doors to students in late August 2020. It’s more than just a trade school or technical school, but rather several things at once, considering the roughly 100,000 square-foot building’s versatile classrooms and programs. It also houses the Paducah school board office along with the STEAM coffee bar, NROTC class with shooting range, and other spaces, such as an abilities classroom.

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